Humans pretending to be computers pretending to be humans

Fascinating article about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk:   Like the steam-powered machines of the nineteenth century, digital technology is now forcing us to re-evaluate the meaning of human labour. Increasing algorithmic sophistication has meant that software is encroaching on fields that previously seemed uniquely human. Think about how seamlessly we accept self-checkout at the supermarket, or …

Why Big Banks Got Blockchains Wrong in 2015

Part of the pitch among those in the distributed ledger space would lead us believe that computer databases were the reason why our transactions take so long to process. This extraordinary claim has been met with little resistance by many in the finance world, as the notion that “blockchains have won” has seemingly preceded all …

Wall Street and Blockchain Hype

The public reception of a new product follows a pattern cynically called the hype cycle, which describes adoption in terms of a five stage process. This is one of the fundamental patterns of the modern economy.

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to our new website! Early Temple has been up and running for some time now, but we felt it was time to set up a nicer website along with the launch of the new protocol. The previous form of Early Temple supported a manual process, which was somewhat cumbersome due to the amount of …