Early Temple

Smart contracts for next-generation business

Use Smart Contracts in Your Business Model

Early Temple provides an API for creating contracts that transfer bitcoin based on user-defined conditions.

Trust Everyone
Smart contracts permit trusted transactions between untrusted partners, preventing the opportunity for fraud.
Buy & Sell Smart Property
Goods whose ownerships are represented digitally can be safely bought & sold. Contracts pay out automatically upon proof of transfer.
Automate Business
Fully-automate business processes with Early Temple as a reliable, third-party source of trust. Now software can operate a business without human intervention.
Work at Scale
Robots work with robots.

How Early Temple Works

1. Alice puts bitcoin into a contract with a condition for Bob.
2. Bob fulfills the condition.
3. Bob receives the bitcoin.


Multi-signature Technology

Contracts are protected by multi-signature technology. Spending requires permission from multiple entities.

Contracts With Any Condition

Contracts can be fulfilled when any phrase appears at any URL.

Simple API

JSON REST API for clean development.